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Our Pest Management Technical course for pest management industry is a collaborated programme with Universiti Sains Malaysia. This course is customized for candidates who are actively invoved in operations and techical  on field. Candidate will be taught on the basic requirements in pest management industry and expose to trouble shooting scenarios. 


Candidate will be exposed with case studies and understanding the fundamental of pest management activities. Our programme will cover basic requirements, methodolody, case studies and trouble shooting scenarioes. 

CORE MODULES                                                                        

  • Practical of Environmental Pests Part 1 (PM 1114) - Personnel Certificates

  • Practical of Environmental Pests Part 2 (PM 1115) - Personnel Certificates

  • Stored Product Insects, Chemical Rotation & Insects Resistance (PM 1113)

  • Health & Safety Act of Requirements (HS 1110)

  • Pandemics, Preventions and Disinfection Applications (MM 1110) - Personnel Certificates


  • Practical of Container Fumigation (PM 1117) - Personnel Certificates

  • Fumigation Technical Sales (PM 1112)

  • Integrated Pest Management Sales (BM 1111)

  • Food Safety Management (FM 1110)

  • Get To Know Environmental Pests Part 2 (PM 1111)

Every paper obtains 1 credit hour. In order to obtain a Professional Certificate, each candidate has to fulfill all the core modules and selection of 2 elective papers. Upon completion of the entire 7 credit hours, candidate may proceed with the application for a Professional Certificate by writing in to

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