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Courses which offer by us according to type of programmes.


Professional Certificates

Professional Certificates are courses collaborated with universities. Each candidate has to fulfill all the core modules and selection of 2 elective modules. A transcript will be given to the candidate who has successfully completed the entire course and a Professional Certificate with the signature of Dean of the school/faculty with BI Guidance Principal's signature will be awarded to the candidate.


Personnel Certificates

BI Guidance is an ISO 17024 company and we are a Personnel Certification Body training provider. We are eligible to provide a Personnel Certificate to candidate who has successfully pass our Personnel Certification Programme. Validity of each Personnel Certificate is 2 years and each candidate has to fulfill the CPD points of each category in order to have a continuous renewal of the Personnel Certificate in the following year. Upon passing the Personnel Certicate, each candidate will earn a Digital Badge individually.


Team Building

Coming Soon...

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