Solutions For Fleas Infestation

February 1, 2018


After the earlier post on the investigation on fleas infestation, let me share with you on the solutions which have been taken in solving the challenges.


Generally, as the scenario mentioned in the earlier post, the first step in order to get rid of the fleas is to get rid of the rats. Reason being is, the fleas were brought in by the rats. Your rat control at the external compound needs to be in tip top condition. If it is an individual compound with fencing, set first, second and third line defences.  I will be posting Campus Infested With Rats in  my following post, in order for you to understand more on how to control rats at the external compound.


Why do I stress so much on the external compound instead of internal compound? As I always mention, rats infestation is always come from external to internal. Therefore, if you have a good control at the external, you will be automatically solve the internal issue.


Next will be proofing all the potential entry points for the rats from invading into the internal compound. Stop them from coming in again and this will be part of your building structural maintenance programme. 


You may do it this way. If the fleas infestation is very heavy, carry out a misting treatment immediately. Proof the rats entry points as soon as possible. This will help you from having fleas re-infestation once again. After the proofing, carry out another round of misting (if there is still any active sign of fleas infestation at the targeted area). Dispose any unused items and do your housekeeping practice.


It is very much depending on how heavy is the infestation. Most of the time by doing housekeeping and removal of unused items, you are actually disturbing their harbouraging area and trigger the hidden fleas activity. If there is still active sign of fleas activity, it is advisable for you to do another round of misting. However, most of the time two rounds of misting treatment will be sufficient enough to treat the infestation.





Disclaimer: The above photo is an extract from internet.





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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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