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Do you have the same thought?

'There is no difference among all the service providers. I am looking for someone who can give me a cheaper price.'

Hang ON...You might be wrong!

Share it with us on your challenges. BI Guidance will be able to give you free consultation on the solutions. You might not engage our programmes but just a simple Pest Control Services. Let us guide you through and we will give you a free access to download their company profiles.  

The BEST PART OF OUR SERVICES is; we do not get involve in Operations. We can give you an independent point of view on the solutions of your challenges.

You are not going to lose anything! This is absolutely a FREE SERVICE from us AND you will be enjoying 5% additional discount on top of the negotiated price if you engage the service providers through BI Guidance. This discount is only applicable for SSM package. SSM is only covered basic Pest Control services (residual spraying, fogging and larvaciding, rat baiting) without any reports, risk assessment, training, action plan and etc. 


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