BI Guidance's Quality Assurance team has to conduct an assessment on the service provider before they are qualified to be SQAP/QAIP/GREEN QAIP's service provider. To become SQAP/QAIP/GREEN QAIP's service provider, you must:

1)      Contact BI Guidance Sdn Bhd to schedule for an evaluation which an assessment will be conducted on site at your office using this evaluation form. Undergo an on-site evaluation by our QA assessor. Post evaluation report after the assessment will be identified. Any improvements required prior to approval will be shared with the service provider.

Prior to the approval of the assessment, you will be qualified as SQAP/QAIP/GREEN QAIP's service provider for two years. New assessment will be conducted once again at each renewal activity for qualifying as SQAP/QAIP/GREEN QAIP's service provider.

Upon approval as SQAP/QAIP/GREEN QAIP's service provider, you have to undergo SQAP/QAIP/GREEN QAIP's training session which will be conducted by a Field Biologist/Entomologist on pest knowledge, collaboration with a certification training company for food certifications, chemical handling procedures and MSDS. Attendees have to sit for an examination to be qualified as QAIP/GREEN QAIP's technicians. We will only issue QAIP/GREEN QAIP's card to candidate who has passed the examination. On field technicians with SQAP/QAIP/GREEN QAIP's card are only allowed to carry out pest control services for SQAP/QAIP/GREEN QAIP's stakeholders. (Training will be charged separately)

Upon completion of SQAP/QAIP/GREEN QAIP's training, you have to sign Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with BI Guidance Sdn Bhd for continuing operation of this programme.

BI Guidance Sdn Bhd will provide SQAP/QAIP/GREEN QAIP's certificate to the service provider as an approved SQAP/QAIP/GREEN QAIP's service provider. A summary of the assessment with score will be written on the certificate. Post evaluation report in PDF format will be submitted to SQAP/QAIP/GREEN QAIP's service provider for their internal use. You are allowed to use the SQAP/QAIP/GREEN QAIP logo for your use on company documents, website, local media, staff and others in your community.

SQAP/QAIP/GREEN QAIP is available for pest management service providers. We will conduct an assessment on the service provider who is interested to engage our programme.



BI Guidance Sdn Bhd is not a certification company. We do not certify our service providers for the programmes which are owned by us. We just carry out an assessment on the service providers who would like to engage our programmes as an integration to their existing services to the stakeholders. BI Guidance Sdn Bhd's programmes are fully owned by the company. Our programmes are just a standard pest management quality assurance programmes and not a certification programme to the industry.


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